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Learning to code is a new skill that is popular these days. It is so much in demand that even high schools have added programming in their curriculum. Programming and coding are often used interchangeably but both are different and you can read about them here. With every chore being digitized & becoming smart and automotive with the AI technology, learning to code has become the need of an era. Everything that… Read More »Introduction


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Are you interested in computer programming but are not sure where to start? Are you a little unsure of the terminology, intimidated by the abstract concepts, or even overwhelmed by the all the available programming languages? This course is designed to demystify the logic used in computer programming and give you the confidence you need to take your first steps towards a career in development. By using concrete, everyday examples, you’ll be able to focus on… Read More »Logika

Pilih Bahasa Pemrograman

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By different estimations, the number of production-ready programming languages in the world varies from 400 to 600. And at least two orders of magnitude more experimental projects. How to make a good choice, having so many options? How to choose a language, which not only will turn out to be commercially in demand but also will bring joy in everyday practice? How will this choice show itself in the long-term? The… Read More »Pilih Bahasa Pemrograman

Belajar Pemrograman

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– kata pengantar artikel membahas konsep untuk belajar pemrograman biar bisa jadi programmer– memilih bahasa program yang tepat sesuai dengan keinginan– memahami konsep alur logika pemrograman– mengenal struktur data pada database– Mengenal dan memilih framework yang cocok– gabung komunitas– sering latihan atau membuat project– Cari uang sebagai programmer

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Take the risk or lose the chance

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And so the adventure begins

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Actually, you can

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We rise by lifting others

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